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Hey readers,

Bringing you simple and easy to fix look for catchy day out to your style.

wearing straight side cut maxi from FRENCH CONNECTION with knee high socks adjusted till calf and brogues trying to give french cast.



Nodded the ends of slit without jeopardizing movement of walk for leaving overall easy and firmed.




lots of good wishes



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Intezaar aur Khamoshi

Mera pyaar.

Darr lagta hai karne se ab IZHAR,

wai toh tha wo mera INTEZAAR,

chhupa ke rakhungi use dil mein har BAAR,

nazron ki nazdikiyaan nahi iss PAAR,

wahi hai sukoon wahi AITBAAR,



kisse banye dil ne roz  CHAAR,

jannat mujhme tu meri BAHAR,

deta dil mera khabrein tumko NIHAR

kuch nahi jazbaaton ko yeh DEEWAR,

kisne kaha tumse ae mere dost

ki dubara hota hai yeh PYAAR.

– Shivani


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Some Voguish Day out Wears

Smile beam to you all,

I am sharing my some of up to minute mall looks which are very simple to carry and must for your wardrobes.

  1. Basic but Formal


Very basic with balance of colors to make your mall shopping day can-descent.

wearing velvet tee from #Coverstory with high waist shorts from #hm overlapping with hip length blazer from #forever21.
Such comfortable stiletto from #ALDO making my look head turning.

2. Vintage Happiness

I am volatile person who goes with the day feels to dress up and prepare plans.

Personally, I love elegant, sophisticated and cheering looks more then hot chick looks(that does not mean revealing clothes).


Eventually got toning backdrop for this attire to get clicked.

Pairing basic black tee with calf length pencil skirt from #Bandrafleamarket with Beret cap from #hm and my all time favorite wayfarers.

3. Perking in the Cafe


As simple and subtle as it is looking in the picture to relish whole day with same liveliness.

wearing tube top from #hm and  white jeggings  from local market of Mumbai (street shop,sorry! I don’t remember the exact place now but quality is nice).

Here, completing my 3 voguish patterns of pairing clothes.

Helping Brands




FOREVER21 Continue reading “Some Voguish Day out Wears”

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Bedazzled night to moon.

The story of that night consorting droplets of hush inside me.

          To the Fashion: I wore 6 layer of garments to run temple of  my inklings.

Silent smile to my wonder lovelies,

Thought to scribble moments inside out of my detox session I had on last vacations.

You’ll find the way to destination through Google or many travelling site. My purpose is just to share heart strings to this place.

Story of ABADA NOOR (calling moon) to meet me filter less on the piece of heaven here .
I was electrified to see full moon and CHANDRATAAL is the place on earth situated in womb of spiti valley. Our country land luck is chance to meet moon and talk the whole you. Never thought that my all curse will be challenged to detox this way. I was holder to myself in oath of real survival of soul as mate.

The thunder of vibration within me came to the pacific as I was getting close to this mirrorical place.

When you start from Manali, you need to take the Leh highway & On reaching Batal, you need to continue towards the famous Kunzum Pass. In between you will find nature telling you rough truth of universe. The speed of  uncountable waterfalls I saw were wordlessly beautiful delivering the power to surrender.

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Never going back feels !!!

You go anywhere in the circumfrence, every bit of you will find the true lush to your crown chakra.

This chakra is the center for trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. It’s also the center for deeper connection with ourselves and deeper connection with a force of life that is greater than ourselves.

Finaly the real disembarkation released me with jolting world my eyes experienced.

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To the place holding me in the womb, I found so many me(us) from the globe there teaching me that we all are one praying to one is not only phrase of philosophy but is real truth. Felt bounded forever to a story in that 48 hrs of nourishment to virtue of healing inside.

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Limitless love,


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Pairing Straight.

Hi people,

I hope you’ll doing great !

Gratitude to all your love and support. :*

Style is there with all body structures to flaunt. I am an underweight offering you wear trendy like I wear it everywhere in my manner .

Well, my weekend is chill and last week I experimented on wearing something airy, straight, comfortable co-relating style and trend (never off from mind,like never!!) . So, much elementary look this time which I think is not at all malfunctioning to me and is statement to all size of women and occasion for defeating summer flaws and foster your day gleeful.
LOOK A.             Turning Heads


A wide straight olive slit long tube to be utilized as skirt and tube dress from SAROJINI NAGAR, pairing with cool shirt and strap bag from #GUCCI and ankle flat shoe boots making way to street wander. I guess body type: underweighter, stout and perfect fit can go fancy with this loosen look comfortably (Don’t forget taking an oversized shirt to it). Thanks to #BISLERI handling my cheer for the day.

LOOK 2      Feeling Bossy.


Knife pleated sheer little A-line blouse from #ZARA and cotton-satin little A-line skirt from H&M with #ZARA pointed footwear creating impact of basic, trendy, smart, bossy, blunt, classy, elegant all together. I was extremely comfortable because it was airy to tolerate sun day out and did not make me go proportioning again & again, wore it to mall and cafe, whole day. No need to hide curves wearing body shaping garments, Just Flaunt it.!



Hey you #ZARA! why you impress me each day I look at you? 😉 Knitted blouse my straight pencil skirt and protecting tan stockings taking me to all meetings and conference, lecture to attend. Yes much snug, light in formals  too . This made my day focus all structured.

LOOK 4              No More Conscious To Dance out.


Isn’t it simple and erotic for club days. Too easy to carry with all plush elements and pop color making sleek & flawless style. #ZARA balloon sleeve jumpsuit with high glam heels from #VENUS-STEPS karol bagh store bringing satan out to dance your night.

I will bring more colors to you way subsequent.

Stay tuned! My Fairies.

xo-xo secrets #blush



style and fashion




Happy Independence Day to all my beautiful chichi’s of world.

Wonderingly, what do you think about laced garments!! ? arghh.. only for night wears and lingerie purpose , well nope! no longer. Fashion is bunging the sink with lace work garments for parties, day outs, college wears in very sleek and classy way.

Lace making girls looking up on delicacy and luxury and sensual anywhere they go or feels to plan like.

LOOK 1      Shut your mouth ! alias.



#ZARA bodysuit paired with side slit denims from #WESTSIDE and tassels from #ROMWE
this look up-saw my day queenly.

LOOK 2    Cheering Prettiness


This chichi look is created wearing lace camisole from #PROMOD with abstract print monochromatic box pleated skirt from #INCENSE and never fading loops.

LOOK 3    Take me to Lunch meet.


Wearing two layers of garments is pissing in this hot, so trend has come up with new idea of bra top to make you enjoy the moment a little more. This lace bra-top from #LA-SENZA with ruffle beige pants from #ROMWE  and completing attire with pretty little accessories from #ROMWE again.

Here, winding up with 3 laced up looks and will be back with more blog posts soon & sooner.
Till, shre your great stories.

bye bye !!




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Achromatic looks

Hola my peeps,

Since 3-4 weeks my girls gang is going rich with whites so I am bringing you a very trendy, sensational, casual, a box to uncover looks of this week. Guess what the tittle suggests to show you dolled up in..!?



IMG_7991IMG_7989 (1)

Wearing off shoulder with gingham pants & red lips to play around authentically on a summer day.



White Denim jacket(protecting-tan) on fur camisole by ZARA and extremely FAD red and white strips side buttoned pants (as comfortable as pajamas), accessorized with handy bag and sunshades for sunny travel day.  This look gives styling and comfort to all the travelers around (don’t wear loops though :P)!!



Smart college outfit which is very basic and subtle to carry and make you feel angelic in whole suffer day. Wearing sheer basic with shorts and comfortable jute shoes from H&M.



Very basic tee look for classic and comfortable attire at home, enjoying home time is must must and must to relax. Neck chain is from #ROMWE as they provide enlightened jewelry to catch up perfectly. 



My all purpose showstopping look is the BOHO unpretentious swag.
Pairing fur camisole stylised with A line high side slit denims and boho bun to make it all bona fide.



Wonder, how can a weekend runs off without going out for shopping with best friends. To totally delight up the charm, surrounding the look with knotted sleeveless top from #MYNTRA and bell-bottom denims. oops my loops!! (vintage baby)  .
see you growing good,

Sayonara girlfriends!!



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Mature black


Hey loves,

I am Shivani Raheja eager to share with you look of black on black ! I’ve been working on the color black that how much mature it can get you on occasions. So finally implemented the look on myself & somehow tried balancing it on basics.


I’m wearing black mutton sleeves baggy top from #H&M full blooded as  Hennes (hers)& Mauritz with #ZARA tights and a #FOREVER21India blush peachy stilettos.

Basic love of all babes around!! Tan #MICHAELKORS handy purse and my sun-protecting reflectors , trust me without them this was going dull and incomplete for my day out.


Taking leave

this time see you near future,

stay beautiful.




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Love for Elegance- Self Satinize ! (gloss and shine ) 

Hi lovelies, oops!

 I know i went offline from such long due to some hectic schedule but I am back with stuff you people would like , I’d hope! 

Curving Indian to Indo-western, something which was hustling into my mind from such long I inked the paper with two design and painted it with satin and conpleted my canvas with the help of my nearest boutique . 

As well Indian wear can’t  vanish itself from this high going fashion term the satin cloth is rejuvinating itself with the word into world as “sophisticated” . 

Here I hope you people like my satin designs and would love me being satinized ..! 


Collar and the back buttons ( pearls) with capri pants , scarf of the match closes the cap of look . A plain shirt style hooked up kurti which you can over wear with any bottom you feel look great with surely enhances and raise your power to the world of sophistication . 


Boat aligned neck long swing kurti zipped back setted plazo on plate now a days , for chicky sophisticated look in classic grey colour to classify the category of tantalizing Indian style won’t let you wake up from the classic tale. 

Thus, my canvas is now painted and hope you people enjoyed grabbing it ! 


see you soon won’t let myself waiting to see you all for the next round time .

till then; love for all !

photographer- sabhya 

concept – shivani 

designed by – shivani 

helping hands – priyanka tiwari 

Travelling and Fashion

Wine touch – World’s heritage “The Monarch Humayun’s Tomb”

This one from the Sarojini Haul, Peter Pater wine dress for the help, metling myself to the ruling period.

Marhaaban my loveliest readers, I am right back from the dream world to share my this escapade. Not taking much time here I take you to my fascination of The Humayun’s Tomb.

The place is one of a kind. One where you might like to bury a million thoughts. I’ve always been a keen observer and praiser of Mughal culture. Their monuments, in particular, and the mist that floats between you and the brainstorming that had served as a precursor to the building, is divine. That mysterious smell of royalty that chokes you to pleasure is sacred. And as they say, its the mystery, in which lies its beauty.And we couldn’t agree more. The beautiful jaalis and chambers seemed to hide someone who overlooked us. With a keen look in his eyes. The walls feel as if they trap in them some living and loving souls. Making you want to scream and confirm their presence. Touch the graves, and they seem to be gold. You are spellbound , but fearful, that your touch might dirty the art.

But then your unconcious scientific mind clicks ,and you wonder if the graves still lie intact. Those Arabic words, which you might not have the knowledge to understand, are like love . You may not know their meaning, but you surely recognise its touch.

Mughal architecture has its soul living in those jaalis , dense and beautiful like the Kohinoor. Nothing’s changed my friend. They stole your heart then, and hence have they done that again. I am a laywoman, and those figures seemed like vaastu shastra to me . The chirping now attracts your attention ,and they seem to share your feelings of joy and overwhelm. People come and forget but what has my curiosity till date, is these forts closing by evenings. Do they come to life and enjoy their dynasty’s creations? Anyhow…

The smell took away your heart, you still had your mind. But as “older the wine, the better” stands true, the old red stones seem to capture it as well. The Darbar of Hearts in Delhi! When its creators stood in our place, what might have they felt! What pride! The kings and their queens, when they took over these places for their lone,long romantic walks, what joy! Their ornaments, their dresses, what royalty! The gardens seem to reflect that even today,and seems like they’ll continue to for another hundred years.

To capture the place’s full essence.I wore a red dress, its time you wore yours, and set on a journey to the divinity of Mughal architecture. They created their heavens, its about time, that we create ours.

Well, this if you have read, was my experience on a lofted plane, But now we will go through its structural series.  Reads on…

A heritage walk through the Humayun’s Tomb Complex in Delhi, best known for the tomb of Mughal King Humayun but it is a melange of heritage monuments belonging to known and unknown officers and nobles of Mughal Court. While we talk, it is Delhi’s best preserved heritage monument. This travel blog guides you through the different sections of the Humayun’s Tomb complex.

When it comes to talk about Taj Mahal’s blueprint, people redirect you to the Humayun Tomb in Delhi. As people reach the Humayun’s Tomb Complex, they quickly walk past several structures trying to reach the main Tomb. In this hurry, they generally ignores the fact, that Humayun’s Tomb Complex is actually a combination of 4 different complexes with a series of monuments, some of which are totally hidden from visitors.

Now let’s try to think about the order these four should actually be visited in… 

As you enter the Humayun’s Tomb Complex from the ticket counter, on your right is Kotla Isa Khan Niazi,the oldest planned Garden Tomb in India. It is an octagonal tomb with an octagonal boundary wall. The single entry/exit towards North is accessed via a plight of stairs. Towards west is the 3 domed Mosque on high platform. Right outside the mosque, on the platform is a well, meant for ablution. 

 In the middle of the beautiful octagonal park is situated the tomb of Isa Khan Niazi. He was born in 1453, when Delhi was just taken over by the Lodhis. Soon he became popular amongst the ruling houses of Delhi. He belonged to a Pashtoon Family and in the final years of his life, he was hired by Sher Shah Suri, who made him the governor of Multan and bestowed him with the title of Azam-i-Humayun. Within a few years of his governorship, Isa Khan Niazi died at the age of 95 and was brought to Delhi to be buried in this Tomb, which was built during his lifetime. This complex was built, roughly a decade before the death of Humayun.

As we step out of Kotla Isa Khan, we proceed towards Humayun’s Tomb through Bu Halima’s Enclosure. An interesting fact is that the only entrance to Bu Halima’s Enclosure is facing towards Humayun’s Tomb and towards Isa Khan’s Kotla is its back. However, much earlier the wall towards Kotla of Isa Khan was broken and British created a beautiful pathway through it, connecting Isa Khan’s Complex with Humayun’s Tomb via Bu Halima’s Enclosure. Anyways…

While not much information is available about Bu Halima, popular record states that she travelled with Babur to India and served as a wet nurse of Humayun. Due to her respected status in the Mughal family, she was buried right outside the Humayun’s Tomb and a proper garden tomb was built in her honour. This,however is an unusual tomb with no domes or chambers. Cenotaph is on the high platform. Ideally, there should have been the crypt with the original grave. It also appears that there is a huge chamber below the cenotaph, but a lack of access to the chamber leads to two hypotheses: a) It was never built, b) It was sealed during the course of time.

As we cross Bu Halima’s Garden Tomb, entrance to Humayun’s Tomb is just 140 meters further east. Connected to Bu Halima’s Gateway on the South is the gateway to Arab ki Sarai. This magnificent complex comprises of several untouched secrets. Starting from the huge gateway with rooms and platforms to sit, the inner lawns have random grave platforms. To north is the Afsarwala (Officer’s) Tomb and Mosque, belonging to unknown nobles. 200-meter-long Arab Sarai Complex has a huge market down south, commonly known as Mir Bhanu’s Market. The Market has a small entrance from lawns, often ignored by visitors to the Monument. As you cross the secret slit in wall, you find yourself in another huge complex (Mir Bhanu’s Market), with two majestic gates, a huge courtyard with rooms on both sides, a baoli and a small attached block for horses and caravan animals. The gate on the west is permanently closed, while the gate on east that opens into Nizamuddin East colony is used by local residents only for their morning walks.

After exploring the other three complexes, one now enters The Humayun’s Tomb . It has two entry gates, but only one, that on the west is open to visitors. Humayun’s Tomb is a fine example of a well-planned Mughal Charbagh. The Garden is divided into 4 parts, where each part is further divided into 8 sections. In the centre, stands a square platform, the majestic Humayun’s Tomb. Though the structure appears to be a square from distance, upon closer observation one realizes that the Tomb is actually an octagon. The southern gate of this complex is most interesting with a small compound attached to it. The compound is closed for public as ASI uses it to store material used to maintain the lawns. It also has a small mosque with graves built with greystone. In the South East corner of lawns, is situated the Barber’s Tomb. People say that he was the loyal barber of Humayun. However, it cannot be said with 100% surety that he was the same person. The Barber’s Tomb contains two graves, probably of barber and his wife.

Towards north and east, we have beautiful pavilions, one touching the Yamuna and other having a huge well which might have had a Persian wheel in past to lift water and circulate for the garden fountains. Garden of Humayun’s Tomb has earliest reference of water harvesting in Delhi.
The main tomb was constructed to be the graveyard of Taimur family. In the centre, rests emperor Humayun, son of Babur. Tomb is reached via four plights of stairs on each side. The high platform has numerous rooms on the lower level. The upper level has main tomb with 5 chambers. Central chamber has grave of Humayun alone, while other 4 chambers have several other family members of Humayun, including his wives and daughters. As the chambers got full, the outer courtyard was used to bury the Mughal royalty. While the grave of Humayun is situated inside the crypt below main grave, the cenotaph is one of the most beautifully decorated.
Cenotaph of Humayun is a rare example where ‘Kalam’, used to denote a male grave ,is missing. This chamber was originally decorated with beautiful drapes and chandelier illuminating the entire complex.
Not just Humayun’s Tomb Complex, but the wall around it also hides numerous secrets. The Khanqah and Chillah (residence) of Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya (r.a.) of chisti order of sufism was constructed much before kotla of Isa Khan Niazi or any other structure in Humayun’s Tomb. The periphery of complex has several other monuments including Sunderwala Burj, Sunderwala Mahal, Lakkarwala Burj, Chhota and Bada Batashewala Mahal, a Mughal Tomb, Gurudwara Damdama Sahib, Nila Gumbad, Sabz Burj, Sayyid Yassin’s Tomb and many graves, mosques and small structures.

The structural account has been taken and edited from the blog INDITALES.COM,titled HUMAYUN TOMB COMPLEX TOUR, by ANURADHA GOYAL . INDITALES.COM. I liked her account very much and found it to suite my purpose extremely well. Hearty thanks to her!

And of course, we’d like to thank ZapinG, who have yet again helped us in crisis. They always save my day when my wardrobe doesn’t impress my wants and they’ll surely work out for you as well.

This is from me Shivani giving thanks to Kirti Kapoor for photography and Vibhor my blog partner for writing this expert heritage story .❤️

Stay tuned and keep The H Life running !!!